Co2 regulator. HSL Pro-3 electronic control

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Weipro PH2010 Ph Meter



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Led Display

  • Auto. Test PH and realtime operation
  • Simple Operation for monitor PH value (Low or High PH will cause the aquarium make disease)
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Ideal For Salt Water and Fresh Water
  • The controler can power on the CO2(Not included)or calcium reactor(Not included) to control the PH value


  • Measurement- 0~14pH
  • Resolution- 0.01pH
  • Accuracy- 0.01pH
  • Power for 220V to 240V 50/60Hz
  • Include PH Pen , calibration


  • Connect the AC power (230V~50/60Hz).
  • Connect the PH electrode to PH terminal.
  • Put the PH electrode into the buffer solution with the standard PH7. Adjust the knob "CAL/PH7" with the plastic screwdriver until the display reads "7.00".
  • Put the PH electrode int the water after calibration and start to work.
  • Normally, the best PH for plant aquarium is PH6.8~PH7.2 and for the seawater aquarium is PH8.0~8.4.
  • Connect the CO2 system(Not included) to the controller and it will lower the PH with the CO2 system. 

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Co2 regulator. HSL Pro-3 electronic control

Co2 regulator. HSL Pro-3 electronic control

Weipro PH2010 Ph Meter

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